James CresswellHello my name is James Cresswell. I am from the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, and have a degree in Geology and a Masters in Oceanography. Since 2007 I have been lucky enough to work as an Expedition Guide in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Svalbard, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands.

These experiences have had a profound effect on me, because I have witnessed their climatic change.

I have made a short video and this associated webpage in an attempt to use my first hand experience, to influence and inform others on the issue of Climate Change. I hope you find the video useful and informative, if so - please feel free to distribute it as widely as possible. If you are a UK school or organisation and would like me to speak to you in person, please send your email to

I am grateful to the British Council’s International Climate Change Champions programme, for their help in getting this project underway. For more information on the ICC programme please click on the following link:

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In addition if you are interested to see my collection of Climate Change, travel and wildlife photos, please click here.

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